No more waiting around for hours trying to download demos one at a time. Download demos automatically from HLTV for a specific team, event, time period or through adding your own links and this tool will download them one after another.

Use your time practicing, studying, eating dinner, or just sleeping. No need to sit there with many tabs open waiting to click the next demo link. Let this do it for you. Works on Windows 10 or Mac.

How it works:

  1. Enter in the name of the team or that team's HLTV id.
  2. Enter in either the number of past months or date period of demos you wish to download or a specific event if you want all their demos from that event.
  3. Hit 'Download' and move on with your life.


  • Automatically download any team's past X number of months of demos
  • Automatically download all of the demos for a specific team from any event
  • Download only demos that contain a specific map you wish to study
  • Unzip the demos for you when they finish downloading
  • Save hard drive space and automatically keep only the specific map you want
  • Paste in your own demo links to auto download

Is this an official HLTV Application?

No, I have no affiliation with HLTV. Was built originally to aid in my ability to download demos to make my content. Turned it into something user friendly because I thought it might be useful for others as well.

What if you want to pick and choose demos from any number of teams?

There is a built in text area where you can paste in as many links to the demo downloader as you want and it will queue them up and download them for you.

Will using this app get me banned from HLTV?

No. I have been using the main components of this app for about a year with no issue. It is just making normal web calls just like if you were to go to the site regularly. The app also has a limiter built in where if you require a ton of demos, it will pause at set intervals so you don't get a temporary block by Cloudflare before the app continues on.

Will HLTV somehow stop the app from working in the future?

I don't know. Maybe.

Your name is @Cloud9_Win, they don't even have a CSGO team ROFL.

Yeah... :(

I found an issue with the app, have another question, or just want to contact you.

DM me @Cloud9_Win on Twitter or email me at

How can I support you?

Thanks! You can use any of the donation links above, or, check out my Twitter and/or my YouTube, or you can check out my other app I made, the C9WIN Taskbar.