Cloud9 CSGO is playing Renegades on Friday, January 24th at 8am EST.

HLTV link to the match

I pulled all the recent demos of the new Renegades roster and thought I would share some interesting things I saw.

Renegades played Inferno the most of all their recent matchups (4 times played this year, but not going to count the MDL match), and banned Vertigo every time. So, let's start with Inferno.


I pulled out their starting locations for when they are on CT inferno. The first thing I noticed was every single time they sent an extra CT to the B site to start, they had a player in back halls, and then the other player kinda floated between boiler/under porch/top mid. Here are some examples:

I would say they started 3 B 35-40% of the time in the 3 matches, including all of pistol rounds:

When they would start with 3 A, ~85% of the time it would the standard 1 arch side of brackets, 1 floating between boiler/porch, and always, one back apps. The only couple of times there were 2 arch side, one was in Cubby:

On the T side, in all 3 pistols they would hard commit 4 players to a site with one spotter. Twice going B with a player watching mid and once pushing straight up mid with one watching Alt-Mid for an Apps push:

On non-pistol,  there seemed to be a lot of just defaulting/spreading out for control. They never 5 man pushed a site early, always had one lurking if they wanted to push somewhere with the rest of the team:

About 33% of the time they would send someone onto the T-Apps bridge. And every time they did so, they were just defaulting (typically with 2 players Banana):


Dust2, and Train were both played twice. Let's start with Dust2. On both pistol CT rounds, they started with 1 B, 2 Mid doors, 1 pushed up Cat, and 1 A.

For other early setups, it looks like ~60% of the time they only have 1 B, and 1 Mid doors.

When they decided to put 2 B, they typically left Mid open.

For A site/Long/Cat defense, they seemed to mix it up pretty well, I couldn't find an obvious pattern.

For the T side, they did not have a lot of rounds in both maps, cause both times started CT and won pretty convincingly. But, about 75% of those rounds they had at least one person in Long doors:

If they didn't have someone Long doors, they always had multiple people Mid:

They also only started with any presence B ~50% of the time.


In the CT sided rounds Renegades played on Train, ~90% of they time they started off with a solo B and 4 A:

As a solo, only once was the player on the Upper B/Catwalk side of B site. Almost every time they were right near lower B.

On A, they started 2 on Bomb Train and 1 Sandwich quite frequently. The 5 photos below look almost identical:

4 of the 5 times they had 2 near Ivy, they had another player on the Bomb Train:

On the T side, it looks like every time they go into the cubby at the top of the map near T spawn, to set up a smoke, that means there is 2-3 in halls, and 1 T-Con. Sometimes was a lurker Ivy (who is always in the same spot):

It also looks like whenever there are 2 players Ivy, that means there are 2, sometimes 3 other players in Halls. They only went 2 Ivy 15-20% of the time:

Twice vs Order they heavy rushed towards B (one the pistol round). They showed no utility or anything on A, just 5 straight halls:


They only played Overpass once, but, on CT side, they started 3 B every single round:

50% of the time one player went Con, with the other A player either being Party or Mid/Bathroom doors.

Only 1 round did they even take a peek at long:

On B, 1/3 of the time a player played barrels, and when not barrels was down peeking monster, and 70% of the time someone was B Default/Headshot:

The 3rd player on B would always be graffiti/sandbags or heaven.

On offense, half the time they would have 1 just lurking back monster, 1 con, and 3 going towards A:

They never sent 2 players connector.

Twice they sent 2 players water, both times always had another player connector and then one playground:


My app does not yet show Z axis, so, it is hard to tell from the images if they are on A or B, but I checked the Vod to make sure.

They never rushed someone down to B/Secret, half the time having 2 on A, 1 Mini, 1 Garage, and 1 Ramp:

And the other half, would have extra help towards Ramp side:

Only once did they push outside heavy.

On T side, they worked outside with 3 players pretty frequently:

Only twice they sent 4 Outside, one was the pistol round:

One Ramp rush, and one A rush:

But typically 2-3 outside, one squeaky, one towards ramp.

Thank you very much for checking this out! I am planning to expand this tool much farther, to show utility, names, what guns they have, images of full rounds, etc. I am also working to expand my knowledge and hope that together we can all become a little bit smarter fans and see things a little more clearly when watching. Would love any feedback (@Cloud9_WIN). Thanks.