I believe there is a very good chance Cloud9 plays Nuke vs Dignitas on Friday. It is Dignitas' most played map and Cloud9's perma ban is Mirage, so, I think Dignitas first picks it. Here is a scouting report on their Nuke play:

CT Side

On pistol rounds, they had very similar setups all 5 times. 1 Ramp with another supporting by the door (Admin?), 1 Mini, 1 A Site, and 1 Heaven:

They have only lost one of the 5 pistol rounds on the CT side. On that round Gamerlegion smoked outside and hit A:

After the loss, they held Outside with a scout, and hustled an smg over to Secret:

After the wins, they seemed to kinda switch up what they do, but, one thing that was always the same, was xizt being alone ramp with utility supporting him. 3 of the 3 times he was at the boxes:

The 2 times Guardian had an AWP, he was watching outside. Once from behind CT Red, once from Heaven:

They do run someone from Ramp to B/Secret a decent amount. Typically done with another player/AWPer in Garage or Back Red:

With Guardian on the team, they never pushed up fast outside. They mostly played Outside around CT Red and Mini:

T Side

On T side pistols, they had someone outside all 5 times, with 3 of the times sending the majority of the team Outside. Those 3 times, Get_Right was always lurking Vending:

The 3 times they won the pistol round, they slowly had everyone outside A mollying or watching Mini:

The 2 times they lost, including the time with Guardian, they went Outside with 4 players and left Get_Right to lurk:

I didn't see any times on T side where they double smoked Outside and didn't have at least 2 people out there. There was a few times where they would send a player on top of Mini with the double smokes though:

Almost every time they double smoked Get_Right was lurking outside A:

In every round vs Orgless, if they dropped a smoke Outisde, they were the majority Outside. If they didn't, they were slow playing Lobby: